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Make Your Home A Stress-Free Zone

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Whether you work from home or in an essential industry, your home environment is probably becoming more important to you than ever before. Here are some tips to detaching from the turmoil of the world and creating a sacred space for yourself.

Surround yourself with things you love and that bring you joy. Remember to consider all five senses as they can have a profound influence on your mood. Details matter.

Consider adding these elements:

-Incense, candles or essential oils

-Music or inspirational podcasts

-Plants, flowers or water features

-Colorful and cozy throws and pillows

-Bath salts or oils

-Photos of people you love

-Yoga mat or dedicated exercise area

-Bowl of fresh fruit

-Meditation station

Action is the antidote to despair! Get going on those goals. Now is the time to take an online class, practice guitar, write a song, create art, sew on those buttons, clean your closet, call someone you haven't connected with in awhile, find a support group, research resources that can assist, do your taxes, market your business, volunteer, clean your makeup or hair brushes, read books, watch a documentary about people in a worse situation, keep a gratitude list, learn how to sew or knit, start a journal, workout daily, learn how to cook, plant a garden, start a mediation practice, write a business plan or a book. The list is endless.

Remember to create space for some comedy and pleasure during this challenging time. Stay off social media if it takes up too much time, creates conflict and stress or is making you depressed. Exercise, sleep and good nutrition will boost your immune system and keep it strong. Your environment and what you think about all day will also have a profound effect. Studies have shown that adding plants and being in nature creates a sense of well being. Every challenge presents opportunities for growth, whether spiritual or otherwise. Try and find new opportunities in this unfolding and unprecedented situation. Remember, this too shall pass.

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