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Film Set Design

  What is Film Set Design?

An interior decorator may be responsible for TV set design or film set design. This role is classified by several different names. They may be called scenic designers, stage designers, set designers, or even production designers. All have a slightly different function. The main purpose of this role is to create the look and tone of the show or movie, much like they set the theme of your home. They may work with the prop team, art director and costume department to make sure they are creating the vision of the director and all details are in harmony. Most importantly, they need to do it all within a budget and deadline which is usually set in stone. 

Much like retail displays or event design, nothing designed for these sets is permanent. Everything will eventually be torn down after the filming ends, which creates some practical limitations. Most often, there are many people working on the building and deconstructing of the sets and is a collaborative process. The designer must take into consideration every detail of the TV or film including: intended location, time period, styles of the era, number of actors on set, etc. Often, there is much historical research required and it is important that every item is authentic to that time period, location and social and economic factors of the characters. Even the smallest production has many details about which the audience may not even notice. However, it all flows seamlessly and is of utmost important to the overall success of the production. 

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