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Succulent Center Piece

Succulent Center Piece

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Living Succulent Arrangements are easy to care for and are low maintenance.They can do well both indoors or outdoors, for home or for a place of business. They have a considerably longer life than traditional flowers. The gardens arrangements can keep the memory ongoing even after the special soiree has ended. They make wonderful gifts for any occasion. The beauty of the grapevine continues to live on even after it no longer produces grapes. The grapevines become a canvas for creativity and sustainable beauty. Each grapevine is uniquely different, a perfect foundation for planting, sustainably harvested Oregon moss, hand selected drought tolerant succulents, creating sculptural one of a kind living garden arrangements. 



    Made in California.

    All grapevine gardens are approximate- sizes may vary.

    TYPICAL DIMENSIONS: 30"L x 8"-10"H x 6"-9"D


    Custom orders are not returnable


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