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Bathroom Redesign

  What Goes Into A Bathroom Redesign?

When it comes to remodeling, the two rooms you immediately think of to remodel first are the kitchen and bathroom. When you complete a bathroom redesign, it increases the value of your home while updating the style and creating a more functional and aesthetically pleasing bathroom. As far as remodeling a bathroom goes, there are some critical features including storage, comfort, and function that you should consider putting into your remodel plan.

For example, many people think they need a bathtub in every bathroom. The reality is that a bathtub takes up a lot of floor space and a shower may be a better choice for the room. A tub in every bathroom is not necessary to increase the resale value of your home, however, it is wise to have one tub in the home, in my opinion. Another consideration is updating the drains for your plumbing. You want to update your drains to 2 inch drains, which can help prevent clogs in your shower or sink. A 2 inch drain does not cost you any more and drastically improves the quality and speed of your drain. Also, when remodeling your bathroom, you typically want to upgrade your lighting. Bathrooms often have little natural light, so artificial lighting is key. Consider putting a dimmer on all bathroom lights so you can adjust the brightness according to task, conserve energy and control ambiance. Recessed lighting will create an even, brightly lit room, but decorative, ambient lighting is important too. I always specify recessed lights in the shower and a chandelier or pendants over a freestanding tub, if space allows. You may also want to consider putting a window in the shower to bring in more natural light. A window anywhere in the bathroom is ideal as it provides ventilation and helps reduce mold and mildew. Without a window or skylight, bathrooms can feel unwelcoming so ambient lighting becomes even more important. 

Remember, you can never have enough storage so don't forget to add shower niches, linen closets, storage benches and drawer organizers. I promise, you wont regret it and the next homeowners will appreciate it too. 

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