Q: How much does it cost to hire an interior designer?

A: Each project has unique challenges and a custom flat fee will be quoted to meet your specific needs.


That is the official answer, however, the following is a guideline to give you some idea of what it costs based on projects I have completed

There are 3 different methods to quote a project.

  • $15 per square foot. This applies to complete house only, not single room projects. Major remodeling and complex architectural additions may cost more.

  • 20% of construction costs. Applies to remodel projects only. Sometimes larger projects will be a lower percentage due to economy of scale.

  •  Rate per room: For interior decorating plus remodeling projects (i.e. kitchen and bath remodels, new floors, fireplace design) which are the most common. 

  • 1 room= $7,000 design fee

  • 2 rooms= $12,000 design fee

  • 3 rooms= $15,000 design fee

  • 4 rooms= $18,000 design fee

  • 5 rooms= $20,000 design fee

  • $2,000 each additional room 

 Q: How long will my project take?

A: Every project is unique and a lot depends on how quickly clients can make decisions.

The average time required is 3-6 months for decorating and 9-12 months for remodeling and decorating combined. New Construction and architectural changes can take longer due to supply chain issues, labor shortages, city permits, global  issues. Much depends on the availability of contractors and materials.

Q: What is the return on investment?

A: There is no guarantee of any return on investment as the real estate market is unpredictable.

However, based on historical statistics and my experience, kitchen and bathroom remodels have both the highest return and client satisfaction rate. The chart below documents the average cost and ROI for each project. Remember, it is your home first, an investment second. Most importantly, successful remodels will improve the quality, efficiency and enjoyment of your life and you will be happy with the results in the long term. 

remodeling costs and return on investment